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Street Atlas USA
Street Atlas USA Delorme has created this trip planning GPS software to be accurate, convenient, and informative. Address-to-address routing is automatic and can calculate fuel stops, plan the shortest or fastest route, include roads to use or avoid, and even let you insert a new street. Small details, like showing all the names of a road when it has more than one, aren't overlooked. And using the software while you're driving isn't a problem since it gives you voice prompts before the turns. It even responds to simple commands, like, "Where am I?", or "How far to the next turn?" From a database of over 4 million points of interest, you can find a specific place by name or category, or find several places of a certain type within a specified distance from your location. This software CD lets you create waypoints and routes on your PC and transfer them to most GPS receivers.

Street Atlas USA Plus
Street Atlas USA Plus Starting with the features of the regular Street Atlas USA, the Plus version adds several database and mapping functions. There's a searchable list of 31 million business phone numbers linked to the maps and demographic data from the 2000 Census. An optional residential phone database is also available. And you can have your own database data be viewable on a map or link documents and pictures to map locations. The files you create can be transferred to other Plus users to edit or work with. Standard Street Atlas features like automatic rerouting if you get off track, turn variation distinctions ("keep left", "bear left", "turn left"), and mini tutorials to guide you through the various functions, are included. The software comes on a DVD for use in your PC for trip planning or real-time navigation use.

Street Atlas USA Handheld
Street Atlas USA Handheld For meeting the GPS navigation needs of PDA users, both Palm OS and Pocket PC, there's the Street Atlas Handheld software. Like the other versions, complete street-level coverage of the U.S. (and major Canadian roads) is provided for turn-by-turn routing for anywhere in the country. Special attention was paid to making the maps readable on the smaller PDA screens. This includes high-contrast maps, text that can be magnified when entering or reading it, and map symbols large enough to stand out. You have the option of seeing street-level detailed maps or getting a larger view with regional maps. When you find a hot new restaurant, you can beam the map to your friends or store it on a removable memory card. Other standard Street Atlas features include an address book, reversible routing, designated route stops, and the ability to print out maps or route information. The software is sold on a CD.

Topo USA
Topo USA If you want maximum versatility when traveling, Topo USA gives you five different ways to view the landscape. There's a topographic map, a shaded relief map, a 3-D shaded relief map, a trail map, and a road map. And with automatic routing available for all of them, you can switch between maps as you travel. This combination of map types can give you a better feel for terrain and conditions when trip planning. All the maps and your trip notes are printable for easy reference. And because the outdoors is always changing, the program lets you add new landscape features to the maps placed in their exact location. The program give you four ways to create your route; select a road, trail, or any line on the map, pick a start and end point on the map, draw in your own path, or upload a collection of waypoints. Topo USA is available on multiple CDs or a single DVD.

3-D TopoQuads
3-D TopoQuads Available on state-by-state CDs or one DVD, this software combines USGS 7.5-minute quadrangle maps with Delorme's topographic and street-level detail. The U.S. Geological Survey maps are direct scans by the USGS with 97 viewing levels for the map scale you want. And you can rotate the 3-D maps and adjust the pitch to get different perspectives. Distances can be calculated in feet or meters and areas in square feet, acres or hectares. The integration of map data lets you search by quads, latitude and longitude, place names, geographic features, or a street address. You can view different maps at one time using the split screen to get the complete picture of an area. With total map and route editing available, you can print the maps or upload the routes to most GPS receivers.