Garmin eTrex Camo

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Garmin eTrex Camo

With it's distinctive camouflaged case, the Garmin eTrex Camo is a GPS receiver perfect for the hunter, bird watcher, or nature photographer. The durable, waterproof case can handle the elements without giving away your position to anything you're tracking.

Having a weight of only 5.3 ounces and measuring 2.0" W x 4.4" H x 1.2" D, the Garmin eTrex Camo isn't a problem to take anywhere. The grayscale LCD screen has adjustable contrast to adapt to any light conditions. And its also backlit for clear readings even in total darkness. To prevent excessive battery drain, the receiver has a backlight shutoff timer, which turns it off after 30 seconds.

Pressing the Page button on the eTrex Camo cycles between the four main screen displays. The Satellite Page shows the position of GPS satellites the receiver is tracking and the strength of their signals. The accuracy of GPS position calculations varies from location to location and so the Satellite Page includes an estimate of the current accuracy.

To navigate with the Garmin eTrex Camo, you create a set of reference points, "waypoints", to make a map. And these waypoints are marked in an overhead view on the Map Page. You identify them with both a name and symbol. With two or more waypoints, you have a route you can follow. An animated figure shows your location and there's a line marking your route. As you move along the route, the route line behind the figure is changed to a tracking line, showing the actual path you took. You can save 10 of these tracks in the eTrex's memory and they can be followed later either forwards or backwards.

On the Navigation Page, there's a graphic of a compass showing the direction you're moving and a reading of your current speed. If you're following a route, it name, distance, time to reach it, and its direction will also be displayed. As with other GPS receivers, the eTrex Camo can only show your direction when moving. When you're still, it can't tell what direction you're facing. Other trip information accessed from this page includes your elevation, distance traveled, and your position coordinates.

For setting up and using the features of the Garmin eTrex Camo, there's the Main Menu Page. You start with this page when you want to create or review waypoints, create a route, save or review track logs, or set operation preferences. When reviewing waypoints, you can also find out what are the best hunting and fishing times for the location and date. The sun and moon rise and set times, and moon phases can also be shown for any waypoint and date.

Position Accuracy of the eTrex Camo is within 15 meters or less than 5 meters if you're also using a Differential GPS (DGPS) beacon receiver. The two AA batteries that supply the power for the 12-channel receiver can last up to 22 hours in the battery saver mode (the receiver is cycled on and off).