Garmin GPSMAP 295

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Garmin GPSMAP 295

If you want to see where you're going in color detail, the Garmin GPSMAP 295 may be exactly what you're looking for. And like other portable Garmin GPS devices designed for aviation use, it works just was well for cruising around town or on a lake.

To reach your destination requires accurate information, which the Garmin 295 delivers in several ways. It starts with a basemap to navigate your way within a state or cross country. And with the built-in Jeppesen database, you get the details you need, like ARTCC, FSS frequencies, and final approach waypoints.

For steering guidance, the GPSMAP 295 comes equipped with graphical horizontal situation indicator (HSI). And since the unit is configurable, you have several options for different situations. In flight, you might choose a split screen for HSI and a moving map or speed and distance readings. Then when nearing your destination, you can turn on the vertical navigation indicator with a preselected profile to give you the proper descent path. The receiver has storage for 500 waypoints, plus 30 locations in a personal favorites list, making frequent trips to popular locations simple. With its WAAS capability, you are assured of position accuracy of within 3 meters.

If you need more details than the basemap offers, you can get map CDs and download the map of your choice using the computer interface cable provided. And since this is a portable unit, you can take the Garmin 295 GPS receiver on the road or water with a location specific map.

No matter how good the navigation information is, you still have to be able to see it. The 295's display does this in 16 colors with a screen size of 1.8" H x 3.3" W and 4" diagonal. The color makes it easier to identify and navigate around such areas as Special-Use Airspace. And by moving the display cursor over the area, the name, controlling agency, and vertical boundaries are shown on the map.

You can install the Garmin 295 GPS receiver on the glareshield or yoke with the mounts provided. And to get optimum reception, there's an external antenna for remote mounting. Also included is a cigarette lighter adapter to supply power for long trips and reduce the frequency of changing its 6 AA batteries.