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Magellan SporTrak

Most of the world isn't located on a street and if this is where you want to go, then the Magellan SporTrak GPS receiver can get you there. It's made to get you from point "A" to point "B" as simply and accurately as possible. This handheld is small (2.2" W x 5.6" H x 1.2" D) and light (6.1 ounces) so you can easily take it anywhere.

Although the Magellan SporTrak doesn't have maps, it does come with a database of 11,000 cities. And with its 1 MB of memory you can upload other points of interest using the optional Magellan DataSend software. Making sure you get to your destination is a 12-parallel-channel GPS receiver. As a sign of its world traveler nature, the receiver is both Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) and European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) enabled. Regular position readings are off by less than seven meters and when using WAAS, this is reduced to less than three meters. The receiver is also Differential GPS (DGPS) capable for accuracy improvement, but does require the use of another receiver for the DGPS signal.

Sometimes you may take unplanned trips and later want to either, return the way you came, or retrace your path. The Track-to-Route feature of the SporTrak lets you do just that. When you're traveling, the receiver's track log records every turn you make and saves them as track points. Later these track points can be converted to a route for reuse. And the receiver has memory available for saving up to 20 routes and 2,000 track points.

Many technological gadgets are awkward to use and make you feel stupid without an owner's manual by your side. But the Magellan SporTrak is as easy to operate as a TV remote, but with fewer buttons memory-jogging icon labels. There are nine screens to display various types of trip information, both in graphic form and text. And you have your choice of nine languages that the text can be written in. The screens have data fields which can show your choice of information, such as your speed or destination bearings. Built into the receiver is a database of the sunrise/sunset times, moon phases, and the best hunting and fishing times for any date and location.

In addition to guiding you to your destination, the SporTrak is built to make sure it's always working. The case is cushioned from damage with its rubber padding and dropping it into the water isn't a problem, since it's waterproof and floats. The high-contrast grayscale display is backlit, so readings are clear, in sunlight or darkness. While it's helping you navigate, you can assure yourself it's working properly by checking the status screen which monitors the GPS satellites and their signals. Or there's an alarm you can set to alert you if the GPS satellite signals are lost. And you can also set an alarm, both visual and with a tone alert, if you stray off your course.

With an operating temperature range of 14°F to 140°F the Magellan SporTrak can work under most any conditions. And its two AA batteries can supply power for up to 14 hours of continuous use, so all-day trips aren't a problem. It even makes sure you'll never be at a loss on how to use a function, since it has a built-in help guide with step-by-step instructions.