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Navman GPS 110

Adding the Navman GPS 110 to your laptop PC (with a USB port and Windows 98SE or newer) makes a simple, yet effective navigation solution. Load the map software, attach the 110, and you're ready to plan your trip.

The Navman GPS 110 is a GPS receiver which uses your computer's power and larger screen to outperform self-contained handheld models. It plugs into the laptop's USB port using the provided interface cable. This connection supplies both data and power to the receiver, so there aren't any batteries to replace. The receiver comes with a suction cup mounting bracket and is small and light enough to attach to a vehicle's windshield.

The GPS 110 is a 12 parallel-channel GPS receiver with a high-gain ceramic patch antenna. It has transient input voltage protection and can operate off a power supply range of 5 to 16 volts. And with its low power consumption, the receiver will operate under a variety of conditions without putting a strain on your laptop's battery. The 110 can also work with a variety of navigation software. It emulates the legacy COM port connection, so it can work with most National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) compliant programs.

Times to the first satellite fix are about average, for a GPS receiver, with the Navman GPS 110. For a warm start (last fix was within 100 miles) it's about minute or less and about two minutes for a cold start. The position calculated is accurate to within 6.8 meters 95% of the time.

Navman sells the GPS 110 by itself and with Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe Travel Navigation Software as the package "e Series". The U.S. version of the software covers the lower 48 states and Hawaii. With its search function you can find any town, address, or road intersection. Included with the detailed street map data are complete airport diagrams, and over 1 million points of interest. Phone numbers along with the addresses are supplied for the points of interest.

When you use the StreetFinder software with the Navman GPS 110 it can also act as a trip organizer. This feature will track your daily schedule including appointments, reservations, and expenses. About the only drawback to the software is its real-time navigation operation. It does have GPS support, but to get turn-by-turn directions, you need to be connected to the Internet. So if real-time navigation is a priority, you may want other software.