Navman GPS 4410 Wireless

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Navman GPS 4410 Wireless

If you're looking for a way to use the Bluetooth capabilities of your Pocket PC, the Navman GPS 4410 Wireless is a great option. It's a pocket-sized GPS receiver that connects to your PC using Bluetooth communication. This is especially handy for use in a car or other vehicle. It lets you position the receiver for its best satellite signal reception and yet still keep your PC close by.

The Navman GPS 4410 puts a lot into a 3.7" x 2.4" x 1.0" case. It has a Bluetooth enabled 12 parallel-channel GPS receiver and room for three AAA batteries. The receiver will run for about 30 hours off the batteries or you can use the cigarette lighter adapter to operate off a vehicle's battery. The receiver has an internal antenna, but also a socket for an external antenna if needed. Because there aren't cables to worry about, you can put the receiver anywhere in a vehicle with either the suction cup windshield bracket or the self-adhesive mounting pad. Or if you're on foot, you can use the arm band or lanyard provided.

But no matter how you're traveling to your destination, the SmartST software, included with the GPS 4410, will show you the way. This navigation program is loaded with options in the way you use it and how information is displayed. For instance, if you don't care for maps, it can show you a step-by-step list of directions to your objective. Or you could choose the Turn-By-Turn screen which displays an arrow for each turn along with the street's name. And if you enable the voice option with either, you'll get a vocal warning as your near each turn.

If you prefer your route on a map, the software with the Navman GPS 4410 gives you two kinds. There's both a conventional flat map display and a 3-D view of the road ahead. Pan and zoom controls let you change the area and scale for the flat map. And with the 3-D view, there's adjustable zoom and angle. Trip information can also be displayed with either, such as distance to the next turn and the distance and time until your destination.

Entering your destination information with the GPS 4410 is simple and yet still gives you options. You can choose a name from your contact list in Pocket Outlook and the route is automatically calculated. Or if your destination is a public location you can get it from the extensive points of interest list. You can also enter a street address, a street name, a ZIP Code, or simply the name of a city, if your traveling out of town. The large icons and simple menu system makes operation fast and easy.

SmartST comes on 4 CDs with three versions for maps of Australia, North America, and Western Europe. All 50 states have street-level coverage with the North American version, along with Canada. The maps can be stored either in the PC's memory or on memory cards. And with features like automatic re-routing after getting off track, choice between shortest route distance or time, and the option to avoid problem areas, reaching your destination is simple. In fact, the Navman GPS 4410 is so complete, even the batteries are included.