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Navman GPS 4460 Wireless

For simple GPS navigation operation, the Navman GPS 4460 Wireless offers an effective way to go. It works with handheld PDAs which use the Palm operating system (including the latest Sony Cliés) and are Bluetooth enabled. With no cable needed and the detailed map software included, it's a powerful navigation system.

The Navman GPS 4460 comes as a package of software and hardware. The software is SmartST which has details for city or interstate trips. Route creation is not only easy, but the software also supports you along the way. If you have to take a detour or get off track, the GPS monitoring will sense it and automatically provide a path back to your original route. Or if you have the voice option on, you'll get your turn directions spoken.

If you want to go to a certain type of place, but don't know where one is, you can check the points of interest database. It lists public places by name and category, so you can find things like the nearest ATM or gas station. Of course if you have an address for your destination, or a street name, you can use that with touch screen entry. However a route is selected, there's the option to choose the path that takes either the least distance or time. And you can also have the route avoid certain areas or toll roads. Then as you travel, the GPS 4460 updates your position every second so your location is always current.

If your PDA supports it, resolution for SmartST is 320 x 320 and 320 x 480 in portrait and landscape modes. But regardless, the menus and maps are clear and easy to read. And you always have a choice of navigation screens. If you choose to travel with the Navman GPS 4460 turned off, you can use the regular map screen which has your route marked. The screen has zoom and pan control to show any details or area of interest. Your other display option with GPS off, is the list screen which is simply a description of each turn and the distance to it.

With the GPS 4460 turned on, your location is updated on either the map screen or the list screen and gives you two more screen options. The 3-D map screen shows you a representation of the view ahead along the road. You can adjust the view with both zoom and angle controls. The other screen is the simple Turn-By-Turn display. It shows a directional arrow for the turn ahead along with the street name.

To make navigation software effective you need the type of accuracy the Navman GPS 4460 receiver provides. Its 12 channels can lock on all GPS satellites in the area and 95% of the position calculations have an error of less than 5 meters. Although the antenna is built in, there's also a socket for an external antenna if signal reception is difficult.

Power for the GPS 4460 comes from three AAA batteries which are included with the receiver. They're rated for 30 hours of use before replacing or recharging. Also included is a cigarette lighter adapter as an optional power source when you're in a vehicle. To mount the unit there's a suction cup bracket for the windshield or a self-adhesive pad for anywhere else. There's also a suction cup universal mount for the PDA.

As a part of a total system, the Navman GPS 4460 has options for saving maps. You can use the PDA's memory or a memory card, since it comes with a USB memory card reader/writer. It supports SD, MMC, and Memory Stick cards. And with the North American map data you're ready to travel to, or through, any city of the 50 states or Canada.