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Navman PiN

Most GPS receivers for PDAs are addons, but the Navman PiN (Personal Interactive Navigation) is a fully integrated Pocket PC and GPS receiver. This cable-free device makes for more easily portable GPS navigation.

Like other Pocket PCs, the Navman PiN runs on the Windows Mobile operating system. It's navigation functions are controlled by the included SmartST 3-D mapping software. Maps from the supplied CDs for North American (includes all 50 U.S. states and Canada) can be downloaded onto replaceable memory cards (64-512MB). The expansion slot supports SD and MMC cards and SDIO accessories.

The navigation software included with the PiN supplies both flat map and 3-D views while in route to your destination. A route destination can be a town, ZIP Code, street name, the full street address, or a name from your contact list. And you have your choice for the type of route you want, one using the shortest distance, the fastest time, or one which avoids toll roads or urban areas. Should you get off track, a new route is automatically calculated to get you back to your original path. If you don't know an address for a public place, you can check the points of interest database, by name or category to find what you need.

The Navigation Screen with the 3-D views of your route has adjustable zoom and angle control. Plus there's the option to show the time and distance to your destination, the time of arrival, and your speed. The Navman PiN has three other types of guidance screens. The flat Map Screen allows you to pan and zoom for route planning or seeing what's in the area. The Turn-By-Turn screen shows a large directional arrow with the road name for the upcoming turn. For a complete list of the route, there's the Maneuvers List which details the turns and their distance. In addition to the visual signals, voice prompts are provided at each turn.

The Navman PiN measures 4.40" H x 2.75" W x 0.95" D and weighs 4.2 ounces. The antenna is built in, but there's also a connector for a remote antenna should you need it. Its 3.5" (diagonal) LCD is a touch screen for easy data entry. The screen is also backlit, for operation under any light conditions. A built-in microphone, speaker, and headphone jack can handle your audio requirements. A USB port, with the cable supplied, lets you connect to your PC for data transfers.

Supplying the computing power for the Navman PiN is an Intel 300 MHz processor. The device has 96 MB of memory for the operating system, navigation program, map storage, and other software. There's a built-in lithium ion battery that runs for five to eight hours of continuous use before needing a recharge. An AC adapter is supplied for charging and using the unit indoors.